Your business needs an attractive easy to navigate mobilized version of your website.

Mobile websites are not optional, they are essential. has a development platform that is compatible with all mobile devices including iPads, notebooks, tablets and all brands of smart phones.

There is a major internet movement toward the requirement for all businesses to have a mobile device compatible website. As monitors and stays on top of industry trends for our customers, it is clear you need a mobile site now not later.
In the past, movement toward new technology has taken years and even decades to become mainstream.

This is not the case with the need to have a mobile compatible site. According to Google, mobile searches have quadrupled from 2010 to 2011 and are only increasing. This change has required the industry to take note and modify accordingly. It is estimated that more than half of Americans will be using a smart phone by the end of 2011. It is critical for your business to be prepared for this and fast.

What is a mobile-friendly site?

A mobile-friendly website is designed specifically for mobile devices. There are many options in the mobile website market however most do not have the solution Countywebsite has. Our platform takes advantage of consumer familiar mobile features, including click to map and click to call making it easy for users to get to your businesses-immediately and easily no matter what device they use.

Do I need different sites to be compatible with all the different devices as they are developed and released to consumers?

NO. Our platform is compatible with all types of mobile devices. Your mobile website will continue to function as new smart phone versions are released, This is not true with all solutions. Many require different downloads to devices to even work. With our platform there is no need to download anything.

What does Google have to say about this trend?

They say get a mobilized version of your website, and do it now. In today's market, adoption of new technology is quickly achieved.

Here are just a few quotes you will see:

  • "Over 50% of new internet connections already come from mobile devices and its growing.... Mobile is big and it's going to change your business."

  • "Mobile search has grown 400% in the past year"

  • "Mobile is extremely local."

  • "Your consumers are on mobile. You need to be on mobile too."

  • "Mobile is not a trend. It is a new era, and it is not too late to be early."


I've seen some mobile websites. I think they look terrible.

Indeed sites can be very different in functionality and appearance which can be as frustrating as trying to look at a traditional website on a smart phone. The solution is consumer intuitive with recognizable icons for ease in navigation. Think of a mobile device as the executive summary of your business with options to get more detailed information with a simple touch of a recognizable icon.

How will this affect my business? My business is not a restaurant where immediate access would be desired as consumers are driving.

You may think that your business is not one that someone will search while driving... but consider this... "Nielsen says that 86% of mobile phone users use the mobile Internet while watching TV. Ask yourself, how does mobile tie into your other media campaigns? Then integrate your media efforts." A person may be sitting idly watching TV and looks across the room thinking... I really need to do something about my kitchen cabinets, or I need to get this room painted, or any number of things. A commercial comes on…and they start to multi-task on their phone.

I get great results with my website. Will this really bring me new business that I would not already get from my website marketing?

Research has shown that mobile friendly websites produced an average of 75% higher rate of consumer engagement (revenue, page views, etc.) per visit by mobile users. Nearly 1 in 5 visits to a small business mobile friendly site leads to an immediate call to the business.

Another quote:

  • “Approximately 100 million tablets and smart phones are in the marketplace.” As more and more of these devices get into the hands of consumers, the way in which search markets evolve for both consumers and businesses is critical. Data shows that “mobile search sites have the highest click through rate by greater than 20%.